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We are back in the office after a week in Bergen. As every year we were helping the Mosaic "Verden i Bergen", during which the Kompaz team and the EVSers, along with other CISVers spend the week with kids from a refugee asylum reception centre. Some CISV Norway kids usually join in, to create an atmosphere of exchange.

This time, we flew to Bergen. The flight is quite literally "takeoff - go through one or two clouds - land".
Bergen is a lovely (small by our standards) city, with cute streets and a Christmas-ish feel.


We took the train to Arna the first morning, having no idea what to expect - flexibility was going to be the keyword for the week. We started of with a few name games. Quickly, we realised the challenges we'd be facing all week: the age range was 5 - 11, quite wide, and only two kids could speak English. This meant we would have to figure out a way to keep everyone interested despite the age gap, and that Norwegian speakers would have to be the ones talking to the participants. Not the easiest!

After struggling a bit the first two days, we ended up separating the group by age, making the older participants do some "pre-teens appropriate" things, interviewing them, playing football, while the younger ones were doing energisers and simple running games. Arts and crafts seemed to be the one thing everyone agreed on, even after some complaining for the sake of it. We made masks, piñatas, a big common painting, ... Everyone enjoyed themselves!

IMG_3665 P1120755

The week was exhausting but turned out to be a success, with some of the participants saying they would definitely come back next year, that it was the best day they'd had in CISV and whether they would see us again.


Mosaics are CISV's local impact projects, and they are highly rewarding. Read more about Mosaic here.

As always, feel free to send us any questions you might have here or here.

CISV-ly yours,
Laëtitia & Emi

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    […] Sorry it's been such a long time since our last post, it certainly feels like a lot has happened since then. In the meantime we have taken some Norwegian language classes (Vi snakker litt norsk nå!) and a couple of weeks ago we were involved in something rather different from our day to day tasks in the office, namely Verden i Bergen. What is Verden i Bergen I hear you ask? Well, it is a week-long integration project based on the outskirts of Bergen which aims to bring together young Norwegians from the local area and refugees from nearby reception centres. It's a project that CISV Norway has been running for a number of years already and you can read all about Emi and Laëtitia's experiences from last year here. […]

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