Unnskyld, kan du gjenta det?



Hei, hvordan går det?

Jeg heter Bine og jeg kommer fra Østerrike.


These very important sentences are the first one learns when attending a Norwegian course in Oslo. I started my language course this Monday and will continue to have lessons for the next two weeks. The plan is to start speaking Norwegian at the office, though I wonder how many times I'll have to reply with: "Unnskyld, jeg forstår ikke!"

I hope that Diana, my fellow EVSer, and Andreas, the CISV National Secretary, have patience with my vocabulary and my speed of speaking. So if anyone has a good advice on how to learn norsk a bit faster and especially how to master the “sj and kj” sounds, I’ll be happy to take you up on that – just drop me an e-mail with recommendations, takk!


As German is my mother tongue, reading norsk is kind of doable. The two things I struggle the most with are pronunciation when I try to say something in norsk and understanding the speedy-spoken-norsk of people here. But I am hopeful that the learning process will be good and I will be able to snakke norsk quite soon.


Vi ses, Bine