Train The Trainer in Belgium and Høstmøtet

Hei Everybody!

Lots have been happening lately, it can be hard to keep up with our blog when we are constantly on the move, but let's catch up!
In this occasion I'm gonna write about out trip to Belgium to attend CISV's Train The Trainer seminar, and our work at Høstmøtet, CISV Norway's autumn national meeting.

We were lucky to be sponsored by CISV to attend the Regional Training Forum in Namur, Belgium, to keep developing our training facilitation skills through a very comprehensive seminar called Train The Trainer. In brief, TTT is meant to equip dedicated volunteers within CISV with the skills to provide training for whoever is going to be training our volunteer leaders in the future.

TTT was a great experience in many ways: we practiced and developed skills and refreshed our knowledge on CISV as an organization and its educational approach to active global citizenship, we had the chance to work with 25 other trainers candidates from 15 countries which included Finland, Argentina, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, England, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania, Canada, Austria, Denmark, Norway and Slovenia, and outside our TTT training we were able to interact with more than 100 volunteers from all over the region of Europe, Middle East and Africa who were involved in other trainings taking place the same week.


(Our amazing group, on the extremes and second pic our awesome facilitators Kaïsa and Karo)



(CISV Norway's delegation attending TTT)


(Halloween party!)


Besides the networking and learning aspects of this experience we also had the opportunity to visit Brussels and Namur (first time for me, sort of home for Marie-Celine), meet volunteers from the Erasmus Student Network (where we slept during our stay in Brussels) and had a great Halloween party! It all summed up to a great experience.

(A typical street in Brussels, you can even see the Belgian flag on the left corner)


(Landscape view of Namur)


(The Atomium, a landmark building in Brussels, originally constructed for the 1958 Brussels World Fair. It was designed by the engineer Andre Waterkeyn and architects Andre and Jean Polak. It stands 102 meters and it has nine 18 m diameter stainless steel spheres. The whole forms the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. Pretty cool right?)


Once we arrived back in Oslo we had a couple of days to rest and right after we started working for Høstmøtet, CISV Norway's autumn national meeting, that took place the following weekend. At the autumn meeting CISV offers different courses and workshops for all its members, no matter what role they take in the organisation, whether members are part of the board, parents, juniors, committees or just curious to find about future roles. In this occasion we had around 90 participants from chapters all over Norway, it was very exciting!

Besides general logistics, taking care of the registration and the shop, we were in charge of preparing and running three training sessions and a social activity. We held sessions on Human Rights, Inspiring Volunteers and Improvements within CISV, the group size was fairly constant around 30 people in each session. This was a fantastic professional opportunity for Marie-Celine and me to put in practice our knowledge and everything we had learned at TTT in Belgium.


(Conversation 'fishbowl' taking place, a wonderful technique to warm up the brain and get people talking about the upcoming session)


('Inspiring Volunteers' session taking place)


The whole seminar took place at the Confort Hotel near Gardermoen Airport, it was a very pleasent stay and we enjoyed a fancy dinner with all the members of CISV attending Høstmøtet. A wonderful way of showing our appreciation to all our hardworking volunteers and networking for better organisational dynamics.


To finish off, I leave you with the brief but effective explanation of what we do at CISV, we call this the 'Peace Education Model'. Credits go to Karo, our facilitator at TTT)

('The Peace Education Model': CISV has a mission which is 'Educate and inspire for a more just and peaceful world' and to achieve this CISV wants to enable participants to become Active Global Citizens. For this purpose we use the Peace Education framework, which is a concept that includes the appropriation of Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge the participants need in order to become Active Global Citizens and make the world a better place)


Well, that's all for the moment folks, thanks for reading, and we'll continue to update and fuel your enthusiasm to apply to this genius EVS Project at CISV Norway.