My name is Doug Stevens and I'm one of the two new EVSers at CISV Norge 2016/17. Originally from High Wycombe, England, I have recently finished studying Fine Art and History of Art at the University of Edinburgh and I am now really excited to be living in Oslo and to learn all about CISV. That's because, like my fellow EVSer Alina, I'm completely new to CISV so we're keen to find out what it's really all about and how it works. I have previously participated and volunteered with an outdoor, educational charity called Forest School Camps (or FSC for short) which also works with young people and runs on the principle of 'learning by doing'.

In my free time I like to get out into the great outdoors and go hiking but I also really enjoy keeping up to date with local cultural activities such as visiting art galleries and sometimes even try to make some art myself. With this in mind, I am hoping to try and learn more about how visual media and culture form a part of CISV and who knows, this might even end up forming a part of a Personal Project...

Anyway, if there's anything at all that you would like to get in touch about then please don't hesitate to contact me on:

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My name is Alina and I'm from beautiful Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Being an EVSer was always on my "To-do" list. I think it is such a great opportunity to be able to volunteer for a year in a foreign country without worrying about financial side of things. Definitely look into it! (you can find more information here)

So after living in Denmark, UK and Ireland and working with different non-for-profit organisations both on a professional level but also as a volunteer, I decided it was time to see how they do it in Norway! I'm new to CISV so I'm excited to learn more about the organisation. And as I am very into outdoors activities, Norway seemed like a place to be.

If you have any questions, suggestions or anything at all, please give a shout at