I'm Emi, a 20 (almost 21)-year-old Belgian.
I joined CISV when I was 11, and never really left. For the past few years I have been very involved in Junior Branch, which I find to be a fascinating environment!

After a gap year traveling around, I tried some things and other, and have finally decided to study Community and Youth Work in England next year. It must have something to do with me believing in youth empowerment for some reason...

In case my free time is of any interest, I mostly spend it doing CISV-related stuff, catching up with friends from various time zones, experimenting in the kitchen, and trying to catch up on the ridiculous "must-watch films" list I have (not taking new suggestions, there are roughly 70 films left on said list).

I look forward to seeing what this year will bring!
If you have any questions about what being an EVSer at CISV Norway is like, or anything else really, feel free to email me at emi.bels@no.cisv.org.


Hey you!

Here another French speaker! I'm Laëtitia, French and 25 y.o.

I studied International Cooperation and Project Management back home. I spent 4 years travelling for my studies, working or for CISV (Ireland, England, China, Spain, Mexico, Peru and now NORWAY!). I had some hard time trying to get a job in France, and CISV Norway finally gave me the chance to be part of the EVS experience.

I hope this year will give me the professional experience that everyone seems to require but also I'll enjoy my time here to discover as much as I can, learn Norwegian (is it as hard as it seems?), taste all the kinds of paste cheese I can find and do my best not to freeze.

So excited about this new adventure!

Feel free to contact me at anytime. I'll be more than happy to  help: laetitia.poulet@no.cisv.org.