So here we are, the EVS-Team for 2013-2014, we are looking forward to our next year at CISV Norge!

happy EVSers


Hey everyone,

I am one of the two new EVS-ers at CISV Norway for 2013/14. I am the rookie in the team as I’ve had no experience with CISV and am very excited about the year ahead of me. I am 28, from Bulgaria, majored in English and currently studying Norwegian and Danish. I like traveling – I’ve lived in Sweden, Denmark, the U.S. and now Norway – once you start you cannot stop. Can't wait to explore Oslo (and Norway), so if you feel like showing me around drop me a line!


Hei! I am the other half of the EVS team for CISV from 2013-2014. I have been involved in CISV since I was a Village-participant in 1999. Since then I have participated, staffed and trained in various CISV activities. In CISV Austria I was involved in the Junior Branch as well as the Seminar Camp and MOSAIC committee. I am very much looking forward to see how CISV Norge works and how I can make the best out of the coming year for the organization.

In June I finished my Bachelor in Social Work and after this year I will probably go back to Vienna and start working within this field. Right now I am starting to learn Norwegian and getting confused a lot by the different “sj / kj”-sounds. I’m trying very hard to become fluent in norsk and will try to understand and speak to people on CISV meetings in norsk.

I am always happy to hear from fellow CISVers and people in general – so contact me if you have any questions or ideas for the upcoming year! Ha det bra! Vi ses, Bine