The Nobel Peace Prize

Last Friday the Nobel Peace Prize for 2013 was awarded to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Working at a peace education organization, located in Oslo, made the event for me and Bine even more exciting than usual. The Norwegian Peace Council organized brunch at the Peace House and members of various organizations came to watch the announcement. It was expected that it would be OPCW, so no big surprise there. The interesting part was the reaction of the viewers – they sneered at the mention of the U.S. and Russia as the countries which have not destroyed their chemical weapons yet, they sneered when reporters referred to Barack Obama as a previous laureate and Thorbjørn Jagland, the leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, had to defend the committee’s choice.

The next day I went to hear Thorbjørn Jagland’s lecture about OPCW at the Nobel Peace Center. I stayed only for the Norwegian part, which was informative and went smooth. What I found funny though was that once again, this time without being prompted, he mentioned Obama, explaining why he received the Peace Prize for 2009. It seems Obama will remain as one of the controversial laureates.

- Diana

Unveiling of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Diploma

Thorbjørn Jagland

Unveiling of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Diploma

the Nobel Peace Center