The BIG Culture Project + My Pen!

We are currently applying for funding for a big project next year with the theme of sustainable development. The plan is to professionally train around 30 people aged 16-20, divided into regional teams of about 3/5 people, on how to make films and to give them inspiration to make their own project where they live. The local projects will be ran in March/April and the regional teams will record the projects. In May a representative from each team will come together with the national project team to put all the films together to make a short movie about sustainable development in Norway. The film will then be put together and shown across Norway. Excited? I know I am! So let me introduce the fabulous national project team that I will be working with:

Clélia Kakun

Daniel Wessel Halvorsen

Johanne Hoffart

Now just fingers crossed that we get the funding!

On another note, I got a strange surprise a few weeks ago when a sample of a CISV pen arrived in the office. The merchandising company had taken pictures from the CISV Norway website and somehow my face ended up as the main picture. So now I have a one off, limited addition CISV pen with my face on. Needless to say, we shall not be placing an order for more of these!

My Pen