TED Talks – Who Listens? #4 + The legacy of our actions

The 4th TED Talks video featured here is by Jody Williams and is called "A realistic vision for world peace". Jody, a Nobel Peace laureate, talks about her perception of peace and call for all of us to take action for a peaceful world.

On another note, I would like to mention a thought which I had when attending a fantastic day of seminars on police corruption, crime and development at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. A speaker from India talked about his in depth research concerning the level of police corruption in India. The report repeatedly mentioned the legacy of colonialism in relation to the level of crime and corruption in present day India. Although while studying development economics I have discussed this issue to a great extent, hearing an international perspective gave me fresh insights into how the legacy of colonialism plays a great role in the dynamics of development. I have to admit that I find it hard to take any blame or responsibility of the actions of my ancestors, however it did make me wonder how, maybe in 100 years, people will be speaking about what we are doing at the moment. Will Great Britain still be spoken about in the same manner, as an old power which has negatively affected many developing countries, or can we act now to make a positive impact? Can we make the generations to come proud of their ancestors, proud of us? I believe we can, but as Jody states, we must act now, whether we have 1 hour a month to give, or we can dedicate our life to peace. We cannot wait around for peace to happen, for others to act, all of us should take the initiative and stand up for what we believe in. And hopefully by doing this, in the future when people speak about us, they will not see our actions as detrimental to peace and development like we feel about many of our ancestors, but as an inspiration to act, to continue our work for a better world.