TED Talks – Who Listens? #3 + The Police

Well hello all, I have been absent for a while now so I have a number of posts to make, so please don't feel overloaded with information! I will keep this one short(ish). This weeks TED Talks video is by Julia Bacha and is called “Pay attention to nonviolence”. Julia Bacha gives a great talk on how only violent conflicts are given international media attention, which could cause people to turn to violence as a way for their side to get heard. You can watch the video here:

As a second point of this post I would like to have a small rant about the level of bureaucracy here in Norway. I have tried for some time to get my residence permit here in Norway, and after filling in a long application form, going to the police, waiting for hours to be directed somewhere else I was told that I would have to fill in the same form again but send it to a different place. Oh Joy. After filling in the form for a second time, and waiting in line for another morning, I was told I need to show my ID to get my permit, and must have an appointment. The soonest appointment available was 1 month after I submitted my form, and over 7 weeks after I started the application process. However I was told by the woman at the police that "you're from the EU, so it doesn't really matter when you get your permit". So just by being born in the EU I am trusted with special privileges, unlike others who happen to come from outside the EU. Even though this situation works out in my favour, it seems unfair that my legitimacy to be here in Norway is judged upon the place that I was born.