TED talks - who listens? #1

Welcome to the first "TED Talks - who listens?" blog post!

Every week I shall be posting a relevant/interesting video from the TED website. TED videos are 18 minute (maximum) long talks on a wide range of topics. They offer creative solutions to any problem the world offers, what they call "Ideas Worth Spreading", and also discuss technological and development issues. I hope you will take the time to watch the video and contribute to a discussion on this blog by leaving a comment. I will be asking some questions related to the video for you to discuss and also sometimes putting up peace education activities related to the topic of the video.

The video this week is by William Ury and is called "The walk from 'no' to 'yes'". You can watch it here:

What is the message that this video gives? Do you agree with it?

If you have more questions or comments, please post them, and get discussing!

On another note, I will have to say goodbye for a week as I am returning to GB to staff a Mosaic project in Leeds, wish me luck!