STAS 2015 (06.-08. February 2015)

As I am going to staff a Step Up in the Telemark Chapter this summer, participating in the staff training was part of my preparations for the camp. The weekend was filled with very useful sessions covering all the basics needed in order to organize a great camp.

On Saturday we started out with a session, during which we discussed pros and cons of having both experienced and inexperienced staff in your team, and how you can use it for the benefit of the camp. The second session was run by Ine Jomaas, the President of the CISV Norway and also the National Risk Manager. After identifying the possible risks of what can happen during the programme and how to prepare yourself for these situations, we covered the applicable rules, guidelines, forms and procedures.

The training contained also of sessions about Peace Education in CISV and educational tools used in specific programmes  (e.g. PDPEF, Group Evaluation Form, Individual Evaluation Form) to ensure the high quality of the educational content and achievement of the educational goals.

DSC_6015 DSC_6005

In addition to that, we talked about the importance of effective and continuous communication within the staff group, between the staff and the leaders, the camp committee and how to approach and resolve conflicts.

During the weekend we had some time just to get to know better other members of our staff team and to work specifically on our camps, e.g. to plan the First Leaders' Weekend, to set up a timeline with tasks before the camp, to come up with a theme, etc.

DSC_6003 DSC_6009

DSC_6008 DSC_5999

Fiocco also attended the training, his role was however a little bit different. Since he will be staffing a Seminar Camp in the Oppland Chapter, his training RTF (Regional Training Forum) will take place in Athens, Greece. During STAS he was helping out with logistics, preparation of meals and the Saturday's quiz.

This weekend I am going to attend also LTS Øst which is a training for leaders, mandatory also for the  staff who have not attended the leader's training before. So...see you there!