Showing off CISV

This Thursday we had the chance to show off CISV to quite a few people.
Youth in Action (the government agency for youth) had asked us to spend the day with three Czech youths who had won an "active youth" contest. The goal was to introduce them to EVS and the Erasmus+ programme, then to CISV and EVS at CISV Norway more specifically.
Another EVSer who works for Press joined us for the whole day.


We started off with quick introductions, then learnt about Erasmus+.
Later on, we walked back to the office, made some coffee (!), and got started on CISV.
And we did what we do best: learning by doing. We basically showed everyone how a peace education activity works... by making them participate and start planning one! Explaining CISV from scratch being one of the things CISVers tend to struggle with the most, we are happy with the way things went this time!
We then explained all about EVS, especially EVS at CISV Norge, by showing some of the projects from previous years, and talking a bit about what we've done so far.

At that point, two more EVSers arrived, who work at Youth For Understanding.
We briefly introduced the OnBoard project, then moved on to lunch.

After lunch, we played the game, yet another opportunity to test it. Everyone got really into it, had a great time and gave very constructive feedback.
We then got the chance to simply socialise, and realised that all 5 EVSers were going to the same training seminar next week. Good to know we already have friends there!


Finally, Youth in Action took us to the Nobel Peace Centre, where we heard all about last year's laureates, most of the previous ones, and Alfred Nobel's life and achievements. It was a very peaceful and inspiring way to end the day.

To socialise some more, we went for dinner together at Aker Brygge, a very popular area of Oslo by the waterfront. Food is known to bring people together and we couldn't agree more!

We are leaving Tuesday to Balestrand for our EVS Seminar, keep an eye open for our next post!
CISV-ly yours,
Laëtitia and Emi

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