Rise in fall: EVSers at Høstmøte 2014 (24-26 October 2014)

In the weekend from the 24th to the 26th of October 2014 we were at Høstmøtet, CISV Norway's Fall Meeting. The 2014 seminar took place at Comfort Hotel Runway in Gardemoen, a cozy hotel and congress center close to the main Oslo Airport with kind personnel, delicious food and even a sauna room!

Høstmøtet is one of the major appointments in Norwegian CISVers agenda, because of its intense list of workshops and training sessions, which inspires and stimulates their field work -increasing their skills and attitudes as well as giving them the possibility to share the best practises.

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Some of the most useful workshops were Risk Management –in which participants learnt how to identify, monitor and reduce risks associated with CISV camps through case studies, also familiarizing with crisis communication plans-  and Leir Kick-Off (Camp Kick-Off) –made for those who are about to start planning camps for 2015.

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Høstmøtet has also been an occasion to carry out an RSM (Representantskapsmøte) -the Board of Trustees and CISV Chapter presidents meeting. There were some common sessions for the other participants too: a Mosaic Project workshop concerning food production issues and sustainable development in local communities (we always wished to broil sausages while charging our mobile phones with the same grill!); an informational session about the 2015 CISV Global Conference; an activity from The Jirafa Project on negotiation and conflict resolution; other social activities such as a CISV Olympic Game with a distinguished mascotte.

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We as EVSers coordinated the entire seminar, taking care of logistics and information: among other things we designed the signs, set up and ran the contact point, registered the attendees and sold the merchandise.

We also had the chance to perform the world premiere of “Sow A Seed”, the documentary that follows three Norwegian 11-year olds in their entire CISV Village experience (CISV's main international educational programme), from the preparation to the end; the movie has been launched online too, with an entire reach of 40000 people on social networks.

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Høstmøtet as a whole has been an astonishing success, with a total of 110 participants from 6 different nationalities and a high level of satisfaction –as resulted from the evaluation form.

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Thanks to CISV it looks like we are growing up even if it's autumn! Mange Takk to everyone who participated to Høstmøtet 2014, looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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