Post-camp in Vestfold & NEO

Hello all,

Once back from Balestrand and Bergen, we had the chance to take part in a post-camp organised by CISV Vestfold. This post-camp was a great opportunity for the delegates and leaders from this chapter who had taken part in a Village or Step-up camp last summer to spend some time together and share experiences.

It was also a very nice occasion for us to meet CISVers from a local chapter in Norway, and for me to experience some CISV energizers, running games and of course lullabies 🙂

The post-camp took place in a very nice location not far from Tønsberg.

On the last day of the post-camp, a video was also recorded thanks to talented parents who brought the necessary material, took video shootings during activities and interviewed the participants and volunteers about their CISV experience. If you want to see the result, we invite you to follow this link 🙂

After the post-camp, Ciro and I also had the chance to spend some time with the Stokke family, who is very involved in the running of the Vestfold chapter and who kindly invited us for lunch and dinner.

On that day, we also visited Tønsberg together. Tønsberg is the oldest present city in Norway as it was founded as early as in the 9th century. This nice municipality on the Oslofjord also used to be a viking settlement, and the vikings still seem to be present today 😉

While exploring the ruins of the old fortress, we caught sight of a viking ship sailing across the fjord.

Further down in the city, we also saw a construction site where another viking ship was being built following the original construction methods.

The following weekend, we were off to Ski, a town located in the Akershus county not far from Oslo, for the Nettverk, Engasjement og Oppfølgingsseminar, commonly called NEO. This seminar was open to all CISVers from Norway who had been leaders, staffs, JCs or participants in Seminar Camps and Youth Meetings 16+ this year.

In addition to being part of the seminar staff, we were in charge of two sessions: a role play session on social roles and inclusion, and a training session on skills acquired through volunteering in CISV. On Saturday evening, Ciro also gave a nice concert before we went on with the traditional lullabies.

During that weekend, we also spent some time with the Kompaz team to further work on the organisation of Verden i Bergen. To know more about Verden i Bergen, stay tuned and get ready for our next blog post 😎