Peace to go - Seminars!


This is the Peace to go - project of us, the EVS-volunteers from the CISV office in Oslo!

Some already received basic information about the workshops we are planning, but here is more, since we still need participants!

peace to go

First the basic information:

We are planning 4 workshops in the next 4 weeks, in:

Kristiansand: February 23rd - February 24th

Oslo: March 2nd - March 3rd

Bergen: March 9th - March 10th

Tromsø: March 16th - March 17th

All workshops start Saturday morning at 10.00 and end on Sunday at 18.00.

The participation is free for everyone!

If any of this workshops is close to you and you are free that time, you should continue reading!

CISV Norway is creating a phone app about peace education!

Soon you will be able to use your smart phone to do CISV activities, to help you plan peace educational activities and to show others what CISV is about!

On all seminars, we will work on the content of the app. We will try out typical peace educational activities, create brand new activities and work on the look of the app.

Tobi will work with you on the activities and will plan some activities for you as well. I have a long CISV experience, have been to more than 10 programs and am a trainer for peace education and CISV in Germany, so I am sure I can share my experiences with you and am looking forward to learn from your experiences as well!

The themes of the activities will vary, but if you have any preferences or activities you would like to share, please tell us about it and please let me know!

Write to

For the last part, Andi, who is amazing with the camera, will give a photo training and talk about how to improve pictures easily and also introduce you to some easy technical features you all can use with your camera! So bring your camera!

Besides working on peace education and photgraphy we will also have fun- and social activities, a pizza dinner and fantastic norwegian lunches!

If you have any questions, please let me ( know and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

The workshop is not only for CISVers, so you can use the chance and show CISV to your friends or to get to know our wonderful organization!

We will also pay you back a maximum of 200 NOK of travel expanses. If we have left overs in the budget, you will even get more.
We will also try to arrange sleep overs for participants from outside the cities!

I really hope to hear from many of you and to see you at the workshops!

Use your chance to be part of the new CISV app and get famous inside CISV, and apply here:

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Best wishes