Peace One Day: One Day Peace


21th Sept is Peace One Day, the international peace day!!!

Naturally CISV Norway also prepared some programmes for this day. In many Norwegian cities different activities tried to engage and inform people about the importance of Peace One Day. We were also active in Oslo thanks to Tobi`s inexhaustible enthusiasm. 🙂


So what is Peace One Day? The whole concept was the dream of Jeremy Gilley in 1999. It got big two years later when United Nations adopted 21th Sept, the annual Peace Day, that is, a day of global ceasefire and non-violence. The idea has become bigger and bigger and saved many lives since the first thought of it. How great that some people dare to dream big! Now many UN agencies and aid organisations carry out safe life-saving work this day.
Have you got very curious now? Get more information from Jeremy here:


The results?

2007: 4.5 million children were vaccinated against polio in previously unreachable areas

2008: 70% reduction in violent incidents in Afghanistan on Peace Day (UN Department for Safety and Security`s report)

2010: over 50, 000 children and women were vaccinated against deadly diseases


These are just some of the main results, but they definitely speak for themselves.



In Oslo we tried to raise awareness of Peace One Day. We first made some videos at NEO (more about it in our previous blog post, NEO 2012) that Tobi edited quickly. He also made a very informative and also pretty leaflet. And then came the big day and CISV Norge. 🙂

Monika, Tobi, Jørgen and I from CISV Oslo (what a pity that there were no more CISVers who joined...) and also many volunteers from Youth for Understanding went to different parts of Karl Johans street to talk to the people and ask them to write a word that comes to their minds about peace on a piece of paper, and than speak about it in front of our camera, or just say the word. The basic idea is to create an advertisement for next years` Peace One Day so that we could reach even more people.





Before we started I was a bit worried whether we could talk to many people as usually everybody is running. But WoW, my group did very well. I was making the movies, the others were talking to the people, and sometimes I did not even know which direction to listen to as a lot of people were writing their words and waiting for being in front of the camera. It was such a great feeling. They happily took part and thus we got more and more enthusiastic. Some people came just to me to ask what`s going on and whether they could also join. It was great to take part and try to do something on the Peace Day, and I am full of ideas what to do next year. 😉






All in all, it was a big success in my view 🙂 🙂 Juheeeee

Can`t wait to be ready with the advertisement for which we worked so much!