Peace House - CISV Norways`s home in Oslo

CISV Norway was one of the first foundations that were asked to "live" in Fredshuset, that is, the Peace House. Some other foundations still hope to get into this "society", that is, to be able to rent an office here in the future. In a nutshell, yes, we are important! 🙂

Norway`s Peace House was Hedda Langemyr`s dream when she started to work for the Norwegian Peace Council around 4 years ago and it became reality this spring. What a great place and environment she created! Moving here opened a great way for us to build even closer connections with foundations that also work for peace. It provides an office for

  ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons)

 LIM (likestilling - integrering - mangfold)

 Nansen Dialogue Network

Nei til Atomvåpen

 Norges Fredslag

Norges Fredsråd

 PBI (Peace Brigades International, Norge).


You see, we have a very inspiring, peaceful environment here. 😀


We don`t only have offices and creative, active people here, but we also have a 150 m2 seminar room that can be used for many different events, like meetings, workshops, celebrations. Although using this room is not free, CISV Norway pays a certain amount of money for the whole year to get access to it whenever we want. Therefore if you need this place for a great event you would like to arrange in the name of CISV, feel free to contact Andreas at any time. He doesn`t know that I`m writing this... but I`m sure it`s fine in case your idea is great. 😀







Last weekend, for instance, there were two great programmes organised in the seminar room. On Saturday we listened to the presentation of a very active Egyptian revolutionist, Sherif Joe Rizk, and then had a great conversation with him. He spoke, for example, quite much about how they started the revolution, what difficulties they had, and what aims they tried to achieve. Some very important change after the revolution in his view are that now it`s  impossible to stop people talking, and that people don`t ignore the youth any more. Do you want to know more? Next time check the programmes and come. 😛 It`s definitely worth spending time on. 🙂



These pictures are from another great programme that we had on Sunday with more than 50 people attending. Besides listening to 5 presentations about Afghanistan, and having exciting conversations in groups (which was a great idea as many participants were from Afghanistan), we could taste Afghan food. As the presentations were in Norwegian to be honest perhaps I profited the most from the food... 😀 But hopefully my Norwegian course will make a miracle soon... What`s more, there were some leftovers that we ate together for lunch on Monday. Hmmmm. It was so delicious! I decided to try to make it at home too. 🙂 We`ll see whether I manage... 😀



One photo from above shows a moment of the enjoyment of eating this wonderful Afghan food, while the other one shows a moment of the presentation section. They were taken by Inger Aasgaard and Christian Clementsen from the Norwegian Peace Council. The picture on the right side shows a guy dancing Afghan dance. It was taken by Kim Sivertsen photographer from Nansen Fredssenter.


In a nutshell: organize, participate, develop, enjoy 😉