This weekend was CISV Norway's Overlappingsseminar. The weekend is meant for committee members who are stepping down to train and pass on their knowledge to the incoming members, as well as for all committees to draw their action plans for the future.

The two of us were "homestaffing" the weekend, making sure everyone had food, drinks and coffee when they needed it (Norwegians sure love their coffee - how are they not hyper?!). But it was also a great opportunity to meet all the committee and board members and talk about their work.
Feeding around 30 people for two days involves a lot more carrying than one would expect. Whilst doing that, we got to experience Norwegian niceness first-hand, as a man in the street, seeing us dragging our bags on the ground, offered to carry one of them for us. Needless to say we were very thankful!

We also had the time to head to the opera house and enjoy the gorgeous weather (when the prospect of the Norwegian winter is looming, you really do appreciate every bit of sunshine and warmth you get), most definitely worth the view!
Opera house

Everyone at the weekend would agree that one of the highlights was playing "Athena", the prototype of the board game developed by the OnBoard project. Without giving anything away, we can say there were some intense discussions going on, as well as a good deal of laughing. As this was another testing of the game, some improvements will be made according to the feedback that was/will be given, and the game will continue to evolve until its release, around mid-November.

As was said previously, all the committees presented their action plans for the future, which was very interesting for us in order to understand where CISV Norway is headed this year. We also got to hear the new strategic and action plan for the NA until 2018 (link is in Norwegian).

We obviously headed to our favourite spot in the city to take the group photo:
overlappings group photo

This weekend was exhausting, exciting and very inspiring! We can't wait to see the results of everyone's hard work. Meanwhile, we will enjoy the leftover food for another week or so!
CISV-ly yours,
Laëtitia and Emi