Overlapping seminar

We are back from the one-week long EVS on-arrival training, thus have a lot to write about again! 🙂 Just before travelling there we had the chance to take part in the beginning of the overlapping seminar, thus to get acquainted with a lot of active members of CISV Norge. It was really great to see the faces that belong to some often heard names, that is, get to know the people themselves. 🙂 It is cool to meet more and more CISV members in Norway, it`s a pretty great team.

We also got the opportunity to have some fun activities with the participants. We were planning both to get to know them better, and to make them get to know each other and us better. As we did not have enough time for all the three activities we planned, half of these plans were just partly fulfilled, so I secretly hope that we might have some activities together again, which we can start with the one we couldn`t do this time.

In my view the quiz was really fun, and I gladly realized how much Magnus remembered about me from the quiz when we met in the EVS on-arrival training some days later. It seems that CISV-ers are good not only at guessing, but also at remembering. 🙂 Btw, yesterday I got to know that I might get the permit to bring my turtle here as I have allergy to animal fur. Hmm, I might bring Pötyi here. 🙂

We also had great fun with creating a song about CISV without anybody singing. I really liked the lines and rhymes the groups created so fast. They did a fantastic job! And here is our sognified poem, that is, the song we made in less then 10 minutes: http://khu.sh/songify_50410dd9869f9&v2 Enjoy! 🙂 I think it was so much fun that I am considering to use Songify on some CISV workshops too. 🙂

Hope to see you all soon again! Don`t forget to visit us in the Peace House when you are in Oslo. 😉