[Laëtitia 2015/2016]

Christmas is my favorite celebration: gathering, food, snow, lights in the street, GIFTS (and cold... brrr).

This year will be my first winter in Norway (I have to admit I am a bit scared about turning into a stalactite), and I am not the only one who is going to discover this period far from my country. So, to discover it together-it is more fun-, there will be a weekend for Norwegians and Refugees to learn each other’s culture and know more about the Norwegian winter and traditions. The idea is to share how each of us lives this season in our country and how to survive to the minus temperatures in Norway with having fun. The bravest will have the chance to experiment winter outdoor activities. We will also get to know and act some typical Norwegian winter tales (mind the troll) and make some food or lights.

The activities are mainly for the pre/teenagers but at the end of the weekend, the parents are more than welcome to join for a food exchange. Everyone is encouraged to bring typical food they have in their country during this period and to share it with the other people. Food is always the best way to gather people together. “You have to taste a culture to understand” Deborah Cater. Everything is said.