Medium: Textile

Date: 1951

Description: Plain white T-Shirt with printed CISV logo in blue. From the first ever CISV camp in 1951 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Dimensions: Max dimensions 48.5cm (h) x 62cm (w)

Location: Box 3 (CISV Norge Archive: Fredshuset, Møllergata 12, Oslo)

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Click below to hear Stein Schjølberg, a Norwegian delegate from the 1951 camp, talk about his experiences of going to camp.



"It was a wonderful experience for children of the age of 11. In fact, I was 10. I was not 11 before July 17th after we returned to Norway. We were able to fly out of Norway, we landed in London and in Dublin, Newfoundland and Idlewild New York in the old airport. We stayed one night in New York but we went on to a train that took us directly to Cincinnati. The train had a collision in the middle of the night and everybody woke up and we arrived at St Edmunds on June 1st or something.  We stayed there for 30 days and left again through New York, a train to New York, and double decker, Pan-American (unclear). And it was so very nice experiencing that. I still remember very, very many details. It was once in a life adventure for boys. Imagine it was just after the war – Second World War – and I remember we knew that children from Germany and Austria also would participate at the camp and I was not happy about it. It was in our legs all memories from the war only 6 years before but that was the main reason we have understood afterwards that Doris Allen initiated this, it was peace for the world and when we are starting peace in the future we start with the children. So when we stayed some days in Cincinnati we got friends with the Germans and Austrians absolutely. So we had a marvellous time, it was very hot, we saw television for the first time and we chewed bubble gums and it was a very unique experience, also for the United States."

Participants wearing their CISV T-Shirts at 1951 Camp in Cincinnati

CISV 1951 Camp T-Shirt (detail)

CISV 1951 Camp T-Shirt (detail)