Medium: Photograph

Date: 1951

Description: Black and White photograph showing the Norwegian delegation along with their Leaders Erling Slaato and Jo Tenfjord. The Norwegian delegation included Marit Anderson, Ingvild Schartum Hansen, Kari Johnsen, Stein Schjølberg, Raymond Wardenær and Jan Yngvar Øhrn.

Dimensions: 18.5cm (h) x 25cm (w)

Location: Box 1, Brown folder entitled "Bilde - 1951 Cincinnati" (CISV Archive: Fredshuset, Møllergata 12, Oslo)

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Click below to hear Stein Schjølberg, a Norwegian delegate from the 1951 camp, talk about some details of camp life



"So we had a marvellous time, it was very hot, we saw television for the first time and we chewed bubble gums and it was a very unique experience, also for the United States. So a lot of journalists, newspapers went around the camp and we had some days that we knew that they were coming and as a Norwegian delegation we had with us school uniforms from Majorstua School: a special jacket and trousers and so on, and very hot, made of wool and it was around 40 degrees in Cincinnati and imagine having clothes made of wool! Staying there for photographers and so on. So we were in Life Magazine and all the unique magazines in the United States. We used a swimming pool for the first time, we had a lot of teachers, a lot of leaders, take care of us. We stayed in 3 or 4 houses, one for girls and one for boys, and enjoyed everything very much. We played football – soccer – and we played against a school from Cincinnati and we won and I scored two goals. We had a church where we went into every Sunday, a lot of meetings and discussions and appearances. So it was wonderful."