[Emi 2015/2016]

Having been involved as a youth in CISV for many years, I have had the chance to see a lot of great ideas being born. However, there seems to be a tendency for those ideas to stay ... ideas. It seems the reasons for this are that youth are not always sure how to go about planning, running and evaluating a project, or that they often lack the confidence to actually turn their ideas into projects.
I would like to show, using relatable examples (some in Norway, some abroad), how going from an idea to a great result is feasible and highly rewarding.

The end result will be a video series on what all projects have in common when it comes to planning, running and evaluating them. I really hope it will be a useful tool to inspire and educate youth in Norway and abroad to turn their great ideas into great projects!

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All suggestions, remarks and questions are more than welcome, drop me a message on Facebook or by email: emi.bels@no.cisv.org