NEO Weekend

On the 16th-18th of September the Mango Team, Jenny, Hendrik, Pål Magnus and myself staffed a fantastic weekend for all the adults that had been away this summer (over 75 people!). The first night consisted of a few get to know each other activities, including "Pull my finger", "Sewn together", "Body to Body" and "Fruit Wars". Check out the pictures and video of these games below:

"Sewn together"
Sewn Together

"Fruit Wars"
Fruit Wars

"Body to Body"

On Saturday we discussed everyone's experience on camp, and good, the bad and the ugly. This was done through roleplays, Camp Story Bingo, and a deep talk about the incidents of the 22nd of July, which would have been during camp for most people. We also had a session on how to bring the values of CISV back home to where we live. Interestingly most groups came up with the idea of being more friendly in everyday life, breaking the cold Norwegian stereotype.

Sunday saw a great activity by the Mango team and promotion of international programmes (done with programme facebook pages, as shown below) and of all the great national activities which will be happening this year and next year.


So all in all a great weekend, hopefully very useful for people who went away this summer and a great way to keep involved in CISV throughout the year. Thank you to all the participants, staff and especially to Carine Lyford who ran the kitchen for the whole weekend.