NEO 2012 - even more FUN after the summer



It was so great to meet and spend two days with CISVers who were active this summer!





CISV has a lot of programmes during the whole year, it is far from just organising summer activities as it`s original name Children`s International Summer Villages refers to. One is the soon coming Høstmøtet (more info here:, CISV Norway`s annual fall meeting, and another very important event is NEO, where those who actively volunteered for CISV Norway in the summer meet and share their experiences. It was a great opportunity for everyone to get acquainted with many members and get to know more about the opportunities CISV offers for them, and also what difficulties and experiences they might go through.


So let`s start! This was the picture that the participants could first capture:

Well, sometimes Monika (the other intern) was sitting there instead of Tobi, but she was smiling at least so nicely as Tobi when someone arrived. 🙂

The whole weekend was a lot of FUN. We played and learned a lot. I believe that everybody profited a lot from the activities and the conversations we had. I especially liked listening to the leaders group when they shared their experiences of this year`s Step Up. I felt that everyone was speaking very sincerely, which helped us interpret all the fun, great experiences and also difficulties better. I believe that this meeting is very important every year, and it would be important that those who has a long CISV background also come to all NEO meeting and share their experiences, too.  I hope those who did not participate because they had been there before read this and realise the importance of giving even more from their experiences... 😛 Below comes some examples why it`s worth coming each time. 😉




We had a lullaby both nights and I wanted to be there so much both times! But I could not make it. 🙁 I <3 when people gather around a guitar and sing. It could have been better only if they set around a fire. Hmmm good memories...





We also got 2,5 hours to run an activity, which was awesome. We decided to devote this time to Peace One Day thus we asked the participants in groups to create an advertisement to Peace One Day. They were `kjempeflink`:) and rather creative. I loved it, for instance, when they played an instrument to have background music. The one that was more serious with much information told by a guy was also really touching. Enthusiam and creativity together almost always creates something great. 🙂 So we got a lot of great material we could use while making a real advertisement to this year`s Peace One Day thus we decided to make three movies. You can see all of them on the Peace One Day Oslo event on facebook:!/events/439311322778802/.

Tobi, you did a really good job! 🙂














So many thanks to the organisers. You did a really good job!