National Junior Camp (27. March - 01. April)

We spent the days preceding Easter Holidays at National Junior Camp (NJC) in Lønningstrand Leirsted, just outside Bergen. The NJC is a five day camp, where youth from all around Norway aged between 15 and 19 can spend their Easter school break on having fun and learning. The camp is partially run by the participants themselves, as they take part in planning and preparing some of the activity sessions, cooking and cleaning.

The programme started out on Saturday with an introductory session about peace education and activity planning. The knowledge and skills gained during this session could be later used by the participants when planning their own activities for the rest of the camp. For the participants who are going to a Seminar Camp this summer, the NJC served also as a training, preparing them for their CISV-experience. For the staff-led activities we tried out new great activities on conflict and resolution created by the Jirafa Project (you can read more about the activities here) and Stand Up, an international project of the CISV Junior Branch.

Monday was a particularly eventful day, as we started in the morning with the activity run by the "CISV on Board" Working Group, who is working on developing a peace education board game. During the activity participants had a chance to play test the alfa version of the game adapted to the activity setting, and participate in the game-creation process by giving a very valuable feedback to the group. After lunch it was a time for almost 4-hour long staff activity on this year's content area, conflict and resolution. The activity was a simulation game, with participants divided into countries with different interests and goals, and also their own individual role to play out, and the staff group being an international body, responsible for overviewing the situation in particular countries and interactions between the countries and individuals (and when needed conflicting them even more). One would think that 4-hour is a lot of time, but the activity was so engaging and fun that the participant were complaining that they would love to have even more time (!), e.g. to complete the democratization process in a dictatorship country. Afterwards, the staff prepared a nice three-course meal for the participants, who held their herrenes and damenes tale (traditional speeches complementing the opposite gender). In order to get some candies for the following movie night, they also had to change into crime masterminds and resolve the Easter Egg Crime.

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