Last weekend was the biggest CISV Norway meeting I have been to so far, around 90 people gathered for Høstmøtet (the fall meeting) in Haraldvangen, just outside Oslo. Many were there to attend the kick-off seminar to start working on the year ahead, but a lucky group attended sessions which combined the enigmatic Mango team and the charming Mosaic duo to create the most powerful CISV force in living history - MOSANGO!

In these sessions we delved into the topic of sustainable development, created our perfectly sustainable person and planned a mosaic project in 5 minutes. I even got pregnant! We ended with a quiz on sustainable development, with the points for each question decided by this roulette wheel:


The fall meeting also hosted a set of workshops on democracy for about 20 people, ran by 4 Egyptians and 2 Norwegians. At the end of the weekend the Egyptian guests gave first hand accounts of the Arab Spring and fantastic insights into the revolution. They also showed this dramatic video: