LTS Øst (13.-15. March 2015)

LTS is short for Leaders Training Seminar. It's one of the most important training sessions organized by CISV, because it prepares those who are going to be adult leaders of delegations at CISV camps (LTS hosts some future Staff members too).
LTS gives future Leaders the tools to:

  • deliver CISV educational content;
  • learn how to solve potential conflicts in a peaceful way;
  • prevent and manage risks

and eventually to be good role models for participants - as well as to enjoy their camp experiences!!

We EVSers have been actively involved in the Seminar: Asia was there as future StepUp-camp Staff member and Fiocco was helping out in arranging LTS itself, mostly with Logistic tasks.

Here below you can read a fresh insight from Asia's experience:

"This training has given me very valuable, complementary knowledge to what I have already learned during the staff training in February. Even though some of the sessions, like Risk Management, CISV Peace Education, Conflict and Resolution, and Communication were similar to the ones at STAS, I could still learn new things, because the issues addressed were discussed from the leaders' point of view. I have got leaders' insight on what are their expectations regarding programmes and staff's work, and also what are their biggest concerns. Now I can transfer this knowledge to my camp's preparation. I found the session about activity planning particularly useful. We have learnt not only how to plan activities, using the available tools - like Activity Writing Template, PDPEF and Time/Love Stair graph - but also what kind of activities are the best for the camp and participants' development and when they should be run. I enjoyed this weekend a lot, both educational and social part. It was great to meet all these young, enthusiastic volunteers preparing for their CISV experience this summer".

LTS Øst-2 LTS Øst-1 changed dimensions

LTS Øst-4 changed dimensions LTS Øst-3

Now we realize what do people mean when they say that "time flies": nine months have already passed since our EVS started, nevertheless we are still fresh, full of positive energies and ready to take on our future challenges!

We want more...we want more...we want moooore!!!

Asia & Fiocco