Landsmøte in Lillehammer

Last weekend we traveled to Lillehammer to attend the Annual Meeting of CISV Norway. On Friday morning we took the train from Oslo, arrived in sunny Lillehammer and spent the day preparing for the arrival of participants as well as visiting the local "Maihaugen" museum. Next to beautiful old buildings we were also treated to two very informative movies about the history of Norway (starting at 10000 years b.c.)

In the evening we "met" the cast of Lilyhammer - a quite well-known TV-series in Norway - as they were staying in the same hotel. The Saturday was filled with discussions on different motions for the structure / workings of CISV Norway and the day ended with a very nice dinner in the hotel. While the members of CISV Norway discussed important issues, Diana and me went up to the ski-jump in Lillehammer to take part in some extra-scenes that were being filmed for the upcoming Lilyhammer series.

Sunday marked the last day for Diana and me in a national meeting of CISV Norway. The day was filled with votes on various issues and also with the election of some new board members and new committee leaders. After an interesting guest talk from Nansen fredssenter we said goodbye to beautiful Lillehammer and took the train back towards Oslo. On our way back we had to change into a bus, because the train tracks were partially closed. While we were waiting on the bus, we "met" the crown prince, who was on the same train from Lillehammer (he didn't take the bus though)...

So a celebrity-filled last-national meeting comes to an end. It was great!