Januarsmøtet 2015 (10.-11. January 2015)

Last weekend CISV Norway's Central Board and Committees took over the Peace House to work together and plan the upcoming year.

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The meeting started out early on Saturday with liters of coffee and welcome from the President - Ine Jomaas. After discussing the agenda for the weekend, the committees spread all over the Peace House to work on their specific tasks. Since we have been involved in the "CISV on Board" project as facilitators, we were engaged mostly in the Junior Committee's work. The Project aims towards increasing awareness and activism of youth at a local level by developing a CISV peace educational board game. The board game will be developed by the group of 5 Juniors with a help of the facilitators - Kristina Moshuus, Helene Bing, and us. In between committees' sessions we were responsible for preparing meals and even more coffee for participants.

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The working day on Saturday ended with a delicious dinner - Chili Con Carne - prepared by members of the Information Committee. Afterwards it was a time for the Januarsmøtet 2015 Quiz! We were divided into groups of four and tried to answer not-so-obvious questions from our Quiz-master Andreas about geography, history, film, music and...celebrities.

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On Sunday the hard work and coffee drinking was continued and in the afternoon, after cleaning the Peace House, participants started to depart. It was very productive weekend, and there is one thing we can tell you for sure - it will be a very busy year in CISV Norway!

Asia and Fiocco