Høstmøtet 2013

Another busy weekend, full of activities and workshops, is over. This year, we had 110 participants from all chapters of CISV Norway, including a trainer from the International Pool of Trainers (IPT) and CISV Colombia’s president.

The highlight of Høstmøtet (or the Fall meeting) was probably the RSM session during which it was decided what delegations to which countries the chapters will send next summer. The chapter representatives were very excited and nervous about the choices they had to make.

Among my favourite activities were the Divers-group’s workshop (about diversity of course), Tobi’s presentation of the Peace-to-Go app (he’s one of last year’s EVS-ers), and CISV Norway's International People’s Project (IPP) ‘Screening Identity’ – some of the participants came to present the short films they shot last summer (including Andi, the other EVS-er from last year 🙂 ).

- Diana

The Divers getting ready for their workshop

CISV Colombia's president, Gabriel Cortázar Mora, during one of the Mosaic activities

Bine in action - facilitating a Mosaic workshop

'EVS overlapping' - with Tobi

The IPT trainer from the Faroe Islands, Siri Tórgarð (in the middle), ran the Risk Management session

This year's Mosaic prize winners 🙂