Global Conference Staff Kick-Off (21.-22. March 2015)

After so much work and thousands of hours spent on Skype, we gathered all together for a Kick-Off of the Global Conference Staff ...ahn didn't you know? We as EVSers at CISV Norway are actively involved in organizing the first CISV Global Conference ever! More in detail Fiocco is a member of the communication committee and Asia works in the logistics/transportation committee (but also helping in the social committee).

But let's leave these details and get back to the Kick-off:

We started out on Saturday with a nourishing lunch and a "getting-to-know-each-other-better" activity, for which we were supposed to bring something we would like to have with us on a desert island. We could bring only one thing, so it was quite a tough decision to make. One after another, we introduced ourselves and tried to guess who brought what.

Fiocco brought a boring -but useful- bottle of water, Asia of course couldn't resist and decided to go for a pack of chocolate: needless to say that for both it took two seconds to know who did water and chocolate belong to..

Afterwards, we had a common session during which Jostein Sydnes (chair of the Norwegian Working Group) and David  Kruse-Pickler (member of the Governing Board of CISV International) introduced how the concept of the conference for the chapters was born and how the responsibilities are divided between the Norwegian and International Working Group.

After this short introduction we brainstormed in smaller groups about potential movie and mosaic projects we would like to incorporate into the Global Conference.

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For the rest of the weekend we worked mainly in the committees we are assigned to: we planned the months ahead, dividing the tasks between the team members creating a timeline with deadlines for particular tasks.

Preparing dinner on Saturday evening was a great team building activity.  We were divided into four teams, each preparing different course and getting different main products to be used (e.g. tomato sauce, chicken, beans, cream). All teams showed very high level of creativity, both in preparing the food and presenting it to others, and as a result we had not only a lot of fun, but also a delicious four-course meal. Later there was a social activity for everyone, consisting of mini-quiz (with some tricky questions about Polish history and presidents), picture hunting (teams had to recreate pictures they were given,e.g. with pandas eating bamboo sticks or rugby team dancing Haka), and acting out the Global Conference story, e.g. in a dramatic or opera style.

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You can read more about the Global Conference here.
All the best and talk to you soon!
Asia & Fiocco