Finnmark/Finnmárku – Land of the Sámi

Last weekend we finally got the chance to visit the northernmost part of Norway. Together with Bine and one more Oslo-based EVS-er we flew to Alta and from there drove all the way to the Nordkapp (the North Cape).

alta church

The new church in Alta



Being cool in Alta

Beginning of May, the day lasts almost forever, and yet it’s still snowing – a somewhat unnatural combination for us. The winding road went through Sennalandet, an endless white desert with cabins half buried in snow and cross-country skiing people here and there. One of the most amazing landscapes we have ever seen. Even though at only about 300 meters above sea level, we had the feeling we were very high in the Alps. After Sennalandet the road continued along the coast, with many reindeer occasionally annoying the drivers. Around noon we reached the North Cape!

Alta snow

We left in snow...


...and enjoyed sunny weather in Sennalandet

nordkapp 1



The nice view from the Nordkapp didn't last long


The big cloud over the sea soon hit us

nordkapp snow

And brought more snow


We escaped the bad weather on time

landscape 2

A great picnic place near the Nordkapp


Some were actually enjoying a cup of coffee in the beautiful weather


Honningsvåg, the northernmost city on the mainland Norway

fish racks

Full fishing racks in Honningsvåg

fish racks 1 coast

The next day we travelled to Kautokeino/Guovdageaidnu, an important cultural centre of Northern Sápmi, where reindeer herding is still a main occupation for the Sámi.



kautokeino reindeer

Reindeer in Kautokeino


Juhls Silvergallery in Kautokeino - an amazing home/gallery/workshop started in the 1950s by Frank and Regine Juhls who were fascinated by the nomadic life of the Sámi


The church in Kautokeino where we met Sámi wearing their traditional clothes!

Our experience in the North was even greater thanks to Randi, a CISV-er who hosted us in Alta 🙂