EVSers staffing at a CISV National Seminar

The weekend from the 19ᵗʰ to the 21ˢᵗ of September 2014 more than 70 people from all around Norway gathered together at Nettverk, Engasjement og Oppfølging (NEO) Seminar event in Oslo.


NEO is an occasion for all those who have been to a CISV camp this year (Leaders, Staff members, Junior Counselors, as well as IPP, Seminar Camp and Youth Meeting participants) to share experiences and memories, and to look ahead too.


Our role there as EVSers was to help the staff with running the seminar, from activity planning to kitchen duties. For us it was also a chance to get to know more about CISV camps - how they are planned, organized and run - and about the different roles of leaders, staffies and JCs.


On Friday we participated in the activity prepared by The Jirafa Project. The activity was arranged in the form of a quiz and was based on The Ignorance Project. You can read more about here and on The Jirafa Project’s blog.


Since we were asked by organizers – CISV Norge Educational Committee – to prepare an activity for Saturday evening, we thought about something that could carry an educational content while being enjoyable and funny for participants, we decided to create one from scratch, keeping in mind that this year`s content area is diversity: we called it “The gifts culture”.


It was a role-playing game, in which participants had to act as different characters while attending a party, in which they had to exchange self-made gifts with each other; for the purpose we brought a wide range of materials, making sure they could enhance one`s own creativity, such as coloured tissue paper, play dough, strings, etc.


After the exchange we discussed about the real meaning of gifts, how are they perceived in different environments and how they could be used as a means for reflecting different cultures, encouraging the conversation with some questions made beforehand. The participants really enjoyed the game: some of them kept playing their role even after the activity ended!

We are planning to add our activity to “Peace to go” App – the free mobile App made by CISV Norge and available both for iOS and Android.


Unfortunately we had to leave NEO just after our activity, as we went home together with the Jirafas to bake some cakes for Sunday’s One Day One Heart event in support of Peace One Day.


Thank you everybody for the great weekend, we hope to see you all at HøstMøte 2014!