EVS on-arrival training in Romarheim

Tomorrow morning we are travelling to Romarheim to participate in the EVS on-arrival training. We are staying there next week too. Even though both of us have already travelled a lot and have lived in a foreign country before, the programmes seem to be exciting. It will be great to talk about our planned projects to someone who has already been an EVS- volunteer in Norway (Freja is organizing the whole week), and we also can`t wait to get to know other EVS-ers. 🙂 Well, hopefully we won`t need the information from the "how to deal with people you can`t stand" seminar. 😀 😀 You can read more information about all the fun that happened there to us at once after we came back. 😉

We would gladly meet any CISV-ers in Romarheim or in Bergen. We are staying in Bergen on 4, 7-9 Sept (Tuesday, Friday - Sunday). It would be great if we could meet some of you there next week. Feel free to send us an sms if you are up for it. 😉