Doing the shakey shakey song

EVS on-arrival training in Romarheim

After 10 long and exhausting days in Romarheim and Bergen we are finally back in the office. We were happy to see Andreas was still alive and the office not burned down  😉 And after getting to know our tasks of the week (uff) we can finally talk about our trip!

After having lots of fun and meeting all the nice CISV Norway Board (Hi), we had to go early on Saturday to Bergen. Since almost everyone in Norway suggested us to take the train from Oslo to Bergen, we decided to do that and meet early. Both of us weren't, hmm, let's say not in the best conditions (of course Andi still looked amazing). So we were waiting for the beautiful, amazing, astonishing sight, but besides some rocks, water and trees there was nothing to see. (Ok, it was wonderful. Clear large lakes and fresh fjords, driving into cuddly clouds, enjoying mystic mountains and September snow. We were amazed by wonderful waterfalls and rough rivers. It was worth every minute and we didn't dare to sleep). So we arrived tired but happy in Bergen and decided to sit in the rain to get a local feeling and have some lunch. I also had to buy some tooth brush and stuff since I forgot my toilet bag in oslo. Good thing everything in Norway is so cheap :-/

Meeting all the other EVSer at the bus made us feel old and we were curious how this week will work out. But quite soon we realized we will have a fun week with interesting faces all over. After sharing all our hopes and fears and studying the weeks schedule, we enjoyed dinner and started to get to know each other playing games. A very impressive win of Tobi playing Werewolf was followed later by a match of creating a body chain, where Andi lead her team to a clear victory. No victory without CISV! What's up, AIESEC??? 😉

Besides having fun we worked a lot and met many very interesting interns and projects. We enjoyed sessions about cultural shocks, feedback, personal projects, an excursion to Bergen, swimming in the fjord, learning about Norway, Norwegians and culture.(Two different things sometimes, check this picture!)

We  enjoyed experiential learning: Being part of a very formal presentation makes you appreciate the advantages of non-formal learning even more! Thanks for that!
BUT WE LOVE THE SHAKEY SHAKEY SONG! I also met an good old friend, the colored glasses project of YFU, which I got to know a long time ago through a good friend. It is amazing and inspiring how good ideas catch on and are carried in the world!

After all it was a great week and we met a lot of interesting, inspiring and moving faces, stories and friends. The weekend I spent at a friend in Bergen and I enjoyed being in this beautiful city. We even had a day of sun. We met Bergen CISVers, went to a mat- og ølfest and enjoyed the view from Bløin. Sadly we couldn't go on Ulriken, but I think Bergen did that on purpose (The train up there was broken...) to make me come back. And I will.

Thanks and cheers to everyone out there who made this week so special.

Before there are any questions: In my free time I like to waste some hours of my life 🙂 And yes, it makes me happy!

Take care, Tobi