EVS On Arrival Seminar

As EVS are funding my time here in Norway on the 19th of September I took the train northwards to Trondheim (well, it was actually closer to Selbu where we stayed) for a week-long seminar with other EVSers in Norway. Here is (most of) the group:

evs group
Thanks to Dejan Cabrilo of CreativeMind for the above picture.

We learnt about the Youth pass, something which should document the skills and knowledge we have acquired through our EVS experience, however I remain skeptical about its usefulness outside EU bureaucracy. Also on the agenda was a great session on the insurance we have here, exciting times I know. Although to be fair it was nice to know to what level of "extreme" the sports we can do are. We also had some Norwegian language and culture lessons where we learnt a Norwegian lullaby, a winter song, the happy birthday song and talked about the viking image which many Norwegians love to hold onto, despite the degree of truth in the tales. Obviously we also did some typically Norwegian activities like kayaking on a lake, kicking hats off broomsticks and also fishing (not really - this picture was taken for a photo competition):


In the week we also visited a knitting museum in Selbu, which was home to some creepy creations:

creepy faces

We also took a trip to Trondheim, which was great, not just because we went to a bar (very cultural, I know) but also due to the orchestra in the fantastic cathedral playing what sounded like a baroque version of the "Psycho" theme tune. All finished off from a revolving restaurant at the top of the tallest tower in Trondheim. Living the dream, truly.

On the penultimate night we organised the entertainment for the students at the school we were staying. We performed sketches of stereotypes of some of the countries represented at the seminar - Poland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain and Norway. It was fantastic too see others' view of my native country, especially the imitation of the Queen. My highlight was Joao, a participant from Portugal, playing a mafia don to perfection. The students at the school enjoyed the sketch about the Norwegian stereotype, especially the insane amount of bread consumed over here.