EVS Midterm Training (11.-13 February 2015)

In mid February we had our last EVS training here in Norway. The midterm training took place in Oslo, from 11th to 13th February 2015. For us it was an opportunity to meet fantastic and inspiring volunteers from all around Norway, and share with them our experiences, expectations, and plans.

We arrived on Wednesday at Haraldsheim Hostel in Grefsen and started out with getting to know each other activities, followed by the outdoor teambuilding activity, during which we had to present something "typisk norsk" to the rest of the participants. We were allowed to use the natural resources around us (e.g. snow, sticks, etc.) and also ourselves. All teams had a great time and presented high level of creativity, while showing, for example, the letter "ø", "fiske kaker" or typical Norwegian family watching cross-country skiing. The last activity that day was to reflect a little bit about our projects, to think about the most emotional moments, what we have learned and what kind of skills we have gained so far.

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During the next two days we were divided into two groups. One of the group went sightseeing on Thursday, and the other one on Friday. As our guides for both of the days we had previous EVS Volunteers who decided to stay in Norway after finishing their projects. We visited the Parliament (Stortinget), the City Hall (Rådhuset), and The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in Bygdøy (Norsk Folkemuseum). 

The rest of the time was filled with the content-wise activities, during which we talked about the biggest challenges we have faced in our projects until now. We worked in small groups and then we acted out the scenes representing the problems. The rest of the group (the audience) could step in at any time during the scene, replace us (the actors) and suggest their idea for resolving that problem. Thanks to that activity we could get a wider perspective on the matter and see the variety of solutions for our situation.

On Thursday we had a lecture about the history and culture of the Sámi people, which was a very interesting cultural experience. Afterwards, all the participants - almost 70 in total - together with the trainers went to eat out at a very nice Asian restaurant. After the delicious three-course meal we had some free time to just socialize and play fun games.

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The training was organised by Aktiv Ungdom, which is a part of the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, responsible for coordinating the EU-funded youth programmes.

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