EVS Midterm Seminar

Well, since it is the 14th, lets start with Happy Valentine's Day! But really this blog is about the EVS seminar which happened last week. All the EVS volunteers in Norway got together for 4 days to share what they have been up to with their projects, to evaluate how its going, and to plan what they want to achieve in the Spring/Summer. We also had some time to reflect upon our experience, although that can be a little hard when freezing out in the snow.

The seminar was held in Oslo, so we did a little sight seeing, as many of the volunteers hadnt left their tiny little town since August. We visited the town hall where we learnt that the old king of Norway was actually a zombie:

We had a guided tour of the parliament and watched an interesting debate about Norwegian Arms Exports:

And we visited the folk museum, with cool old style Norwegian houses: