Conflict & Resolution Highlights 2011

From the Arab Spring to the Occupy movement, 2011 has certainly been a turbulent year. Maybe it will go down in history as the year when we finally said "enough is enough".

For me, CISV's mantra is to create the people who will change the world, and living up to that claim, CISVers across the world have been actively involved in creating globally significant change in their country, some even taking direct action.

So coming to the end of the year 2011 with the focus content area Conflict and Resolution, I thought it would be inspiring to share our stories on how we have worked with this topic area. Especially to acknowledge our work done on the peaceful resolution of conflicts, which seems more important than ever looking at the events of the past year.

Many thanks to those who have contributed articles, I hope these stories will motivate others to take the much needed action to create a culture of peaceful resolution.



In her very touching piece, Rowan El Shimi describes how she found her values challenged as she got involved in the Egyptian revolution has appeared in IJB Thinks#17. A must-read for anybody who cares about the commitment to peaceful means under extreme circumstances.


With inspiration from an IPP in Bosnia, Elena Baraldi tells the story of how her experiences helped develop two days of activities for her chapter to raise awareness of conflicts and the aftermath of war. Everything started in Bosnia...


This year CISV Netherlands worked with a local World War II museum to create anIPP to make sure that the youth of today do not forget the terrors of war. Read more...



This year Leeds hosted GB's first Mosaic programme, working with local cultural organisations to explore the issue of cultural conflict in a local context. The participants and adults had great new experiences of their own city and helped contribute to an improved dialogue between cultures. Read more...