CISV Regional Training Forum in Hamburg, Germany

The RTF (Regional or Raining Training Forum) happened to be in Hamburg early October offering many different training. Besides Train the Trainers (TTT), IPP and Risk Management (RM), there was also an education and evaluation training going on, which I attended.

Our trainer told us that this will be the geeky and nerdy CISV workshop, so I got totally excited about it! Love being CISV geek big times! I was hoping to get beyond PDPEF, ASK, APT, Passport,  Big ED and other obvious things and to have interesting discussions with inspiring ideas. And after all I must say I am not disappointed. First of all I must send my compliments to the trainers, Mette and Rupert, who did a great job including a quite diverse group with different expectations and ambitions. Even though we were only eight participants, the background was quite diverse: from coming to get the bigger picture over only being there cause the village training was cancelled or for chapter development to wanting to dig deeper into CISV educational principles everything was represented.

Here you see what we worked about...and just to point the obvious, what the TTT was about ūüėČ


During our training we met Dr. Ga, who took us on a journey through the world of experiential learning. We discussed in our elite class of peace education in Hambridge 2016, how CISV standardland achieved world peace in 2015. We developed projects for the chapter and activities for training, survived dragons at dragon's den and were moved by the cheesy movie of crossing borders - not!

To make it more clear:

After starting with the totally different expectations and our talent show (Pony, flying, knitting and puppets. And dinoflagellates, of course.) we started with diving into the CISV stuff. Defined active global citizens, talked about the positive and negative outcomes of being such and realized that our ecological footprint is as big as a dinoflaggellate is small. But it's ok, cause we are the new Robin Hoods. So far so good!

We also discussed different evaluation tools and the ask method and came to the conclusion: It's just tools. Use them! ( More info? Click here!) Very interesting was the discussion, whether CISV should become more publicly active and how politically CISV can be on an international level.

I also told everyone about the awesome going to be CISV app and the wonderful opportunity to be an intern at CISV Norge! Exciting for everyone, I guess! Besides that we had lots of fun, remembered, why we are active CISVers and enjoyed walks in Hamburgs beautiful nature. I met many of good old CISV friends and we came up with a lot of interesting ideas for the you better stay tuned!

Sadly I missed the big party on Saturday since I was on a friends birthday. Which was good, too. Believe me ūüėȬ†

Just wanna say a big thank you to Mette and Rupert for a good and inspiring time at the edu and eval training!