"CISV on Board" Seminar (30. January - 01. February)

The last weekend of January we gathered at Fredshuset (the Peace House) in Oslo for the first meeting of the OnBoard Project.

“What the h.. is the OnBoard Project?!”, you might ask. The aim of OnBoard is to develop a CISV peace educational board game, which will inspire people aged 16-21 to take actions in their local communities for a more just and peaceful world.

It is the first time that CISV develops a Board Game, and it is our pleasure to help the organization move a step forward and breaking new ground: we will make sure to produce plenty of resources and how-to guides, so that every future project dealing with game development will have a solid source to glean from. We EVSers at CISV Norway are coordinating the Working Group, made up of 5 Juniors from different parts of the country, and we are already enjoying the role very much. We are confident that by the end of this year CISVers will have a new entertaining and educational tool to play with!

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The kick-off was aimed to make the Working Group familiarize with team building activities (beside Skype meetings it was the first time they met), but also to give them tools to develop a game that fits CISV educational purpose. For this purpose we planned to run a session with Mikkel from Educational Committee and Mathilde from Mosaic Project, who recalled the group CISV educational principles and approach to peace education, which is summarized by the “ASK Model” (attitude-skills-knowledge): it means that in order to change the world, we have to change our attitudes first, be open minded and flexible to accept changes of the surrounding environment; we also need to develop the skills to make an impact -for example learning how to communicate, to solve problems in a creative way by trying to think “ouside the box”, how to reflect and improve ourselves.

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Knowledge is important too: since we work in groups, for instance, a good know-how of group dynamics is necessary to boost the quality of any meeting. Knowledge means also being informed about geographical facts, political issues and ongoing conflicts in the world. This information and other useful tips have been introduced during the educational session.

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We also hosted a session about game design held by Fredrik from Hyperion, a youth organization that cooperates with us in the project. Fredrik explained the team what is the difference between a “normal” game and an educational game, making some examples and sharing his know-how and best practices with us. He also talked about the importance of game mechanics and their relationship with the theme, showing us the main steps of game development, from idea stage to publishing.

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On Sunday we started the actual work, by identifying the probortunities (mix of problems and opportunities) of the project; we then ran a brainstorming session, forerun by an overview of brainstorming techniques and tools presented by Fiocco.
It seems like the project has started at best: we will keep you updated!

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