Children's World Peace Seminar - Barnas Freds Verden

As you might have read at projects, we have been to a seminar in Moss organized by Barnas Freds Verden to hold a workshop about peace education and sustainable development. The whole seminar was full of fun and very interesting. We got in touch with different NGOs like Play for Peace, Amnesty International, Nansen Center for Peace and Dialog and met the Norwegian Minister of Environment!

It was the start of a very interesting plan: In 2014 the Norwegian constitution will celebrate its 200 year anniversary. Barnas Freds Verden is organizing an international youth conference in Moss with more then 300 kids from all over the world to experience peace education in a new built center for peace education for this occasion.

CISV is part of this process and gladly supports BFV in many occasions. Our workshop was a great success, we combined different activities (then end of the world; the auction) and had fun with the participants doing the penguin and the moose energizers. The participants had fun. They experienced and enjoyed CISV's way of education a lot, as you can see in the pictures.

This weekend was also very good for CISV, since we got in touch with Amnesty International and Barnas Freds Verden to plan a Peace One Day event and will meet with the Nansen Center in Bergen for further cooperation. It was good to see other NGOs working similar to CISV and to have an exchange of ideas and programs.

From my personal point of view it was really awesome to see how many kids applied to a peace education seminar and how much spirit and ideas they brought! It is also good to see how the public sector in Norway support great ideas as the Barnas Freds Verden.
And of course it was good to work together for the first time with Andi. I think we have a quite good working base for our projects and can't wait for more discussions with an PR expert who is new to CISV! (No, we will not change CISV to a new name ;-))

It was also fun to meet other interns and volunteers, and to share some pizza while listening to Death by Bunga Unga (The upcoming rock-stars of Norway ;-))

I think, to draw a conclusion, even though not everything worked out as planned and is far from perfect yet, it was a great experience and a lot of fun with amazing people. I really hope we will cooperate more often in the future and that all seminars will be as interesting and fun as this one!

Check out some pictures from our workshop before reading Andi`s experience. 😉


We had a great time at Youth and Action. Tobias, Åsmond (from the Junior committee) and me had a workshop about sustainable development with 15 participants.  Following our mosquito tactics (nice quotation to demonstrate it in the `this is us` part of our blog;)) we planned several group activities that grabbed their attention to what they themselves might do for sustainability. All the participants were awesome, it was such a great start of my work at CISV Norge. For instance, as a commercial of electricity a group told us to lay on the floor, gave us napkins to get blindfolded thus to have a stronger experience, then they acted out a happy society, and suddenly with a loud noise life stopped: there was no laughing, happy sounds, baby cry, there was nothing as electricity ceased to exist. Their performance was less then two-minute long, but they could enchant us to an imaginable world and have a strong effect on us. It was so smart, so enjoyable, brilliant. And it was just a start!

They were full of ideas about what to do in order to `save` the different elements and they created detailed posters with drawings and thoughts on them about it in around 10 minutes. I felt that one thought erose from the other continuously in every group without us giving much help. The tasks seemed to become alive. This was the most noticable when we had an auction for the basic elements. All groups had a different tactic. Some gave everything for their precious elements, others were less interested in what they could `buy`and thus bought everything that they seemed to get cheap.

In a nutshell, it was a great start of our work and I am so grateful to have spent these two and a half hours with them. I wished we had more time. Now I can just hope that they read this short `thanks` and take part next year too and come to our workshop again (probably about human rights as that`s CISV`s theme for next year).

BFV planned two great days full of enjoyable and varied programmes. I got really emotional sometimes, for examlpe, when 20 -30 kids from Doremi Våler Barnehage sang some Norwegian songs, and when we had a live session with kids from India and Afghanistan on skype. The latter one was also pretty exciting as we got to know a lot about their culture and way of thinking. Lol, the Afghan youngsters, for instance, were very interested in whether the girls were single and how many sisters the boys had. 😀

The other workshops were also rather challenging, and we played a lot of interesting games. I even got addicted to one of the games. 🙂 I really enjoyed that the programmes were so diverse thus it was almost impossible to lose interest for a while. It was also a great opportunity for us to meet other activists working for the same aims with similar or different tactics.

Al in all, I have to say thanks to all the participants, the organisers, CISV Norge, Tobias and Åsmond. It was great to work with all of you! Tobi, now we can start planning our next workshop! 🙂