Cabin trip (AKA we saw Northern lights!)

We are back in the office after what seems to be the traditional EVSers + Colombia project (Kompaz, check them out) cabin trip at Mikkel's (former Divers member) cabin, located in Sandvasseter.

The trip was made before we even got to the cabin: after hearing the Norwegians say they've only seen Northern lights this far South once in their lives - last time they brought Colombians and EVSers up there - we started seeing some blueish lights in the sky. Eventually, both cars stopped on the side of the road and we all got out. We weren't just imagining them, the Northern lights were there and dancing for us! The level of excitement resembled that of five year old children finding presents on Christmas Day.


After taking in as much of the beauty of the aurora as we could whilst standing in the cold night, we continued our way up the mountain. After struggling a bit up slippery, snowy slopes, we arrived at what looked more like a lovely house than a wooden shed.


And lovely it was! The night sky was empty of clouds and full of stars and aurora borealis, and the fire was quickly roaring while we settled in the cabin. We made tacos, ate until we couldn't anymore, then moved to the sofas for a night of games and chatting.

The next day, we woke up to a winter wonderlandish landscape. Everything around us, mountains and lake, was covered in snow. Eventually, we left the cabin to go explore our surroundings. This involved climbing a mountain, getting to the top ten minutes before sunset, and feeling like we owned the entire world from up there.

DSC_9215 DSC_9223

After taking numerous photos of the ever changing sky a enjoying the view, we headed back down. Whilst it was less steep than the way up, we kept falling through the frozen layer of snow - a giggle-inducing experience.

Once back by the fireside, the three Norwegian men of the group started making a Christmas dinner for everyone.
Ribbe (which we talked about already), delicious gravy, something called rutabaga of which we had never heard of, potatoes, Christmas sausage, and lingonberry sauce. After this, we had our second night of chilling, playing games and talking.

Finally, after a very bacon-y breakfast, we started packing and cleaning up, jumped into the cars, and drove down to Oslo.

As if these few days hadn't been lovely enough, Oslo had its first real snowfall of the year, and it was beautiful!

We are both heading home for the holidays, and wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


CISV-ly yours,
Laëtitia & Emi