Birdwatching and German Art Nouveau

It so happened that me and Bine spent last weekend on this tiny island (Runde) off the west coast, having another Norwegian adventure.

Our initial plan was to spend a couple of days in Ålesund, but we got a tip about this place, popular among bird-watchers, so we thought why not. Especially when we found out the bird in question is the puffin. We rented a car and went for a hike on the steep mountainous island… It was so windy that every now and then we had to make sure none of us was blown away. The view was amazing, the open Norwegian sea to the left, and mountains ‘floating’ in the water to the right. We weren’t lucky with the birds, I guess it’s still too early, but it was great to wander around without any tourists spoiling the wild view.

Ålesund itself was a charming tiny city situated on several islands. Two things we noticed right away were the impossibly steep streets and the beautiful Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) buildings – one could easily mistake it for a place somewhere in Germany. The city was still hibernating, gaining energy for the next busy tourist season.



Sheep were reigning on the island


The higher up you go...


...the greater view you get


The only puffins we saw

runde fyr

A view towards the Lighthouse and fear of the extreme wind


We had to take the ferry on our way 🙂


Pretty Ålesund