We hath at length both arrived!

After a week alone at the office, Emi has been joined by Laëtitia, and the serious stuff can start. And when we say start, we mean, start. This weekend is the Overlapping Seminar, a weekend during which all CISV Norway committees will meet and ensure the smooth transition between old and new members. And the responsibility of logistics befalls to us!

So, you may ask, what are the first few days of a CISV Norway EVSer like?
Glad you asked!
There's some training involved, done this year by Fiocco, one of last year's EVSer. He showed Emi around  the office, all the different tools we use at the office, and generally explained how things work around here. Most importantly, he gave some advice as to where to shop without going bankrupt. We also did some preference mapping with Andreas, so as to get to know how we all react to various situations, very interesting!
The apartment being a - literal - 5 minutes walk from the office, it looks our lives will mostly be in the centre of Oslo, between Karl Johansgate (the main shopping street), Aker Brygge (the quays, with a gorgeous view of the Oslo Fjord), and Blå (a live music venue with banging free Sunday night concerts). All exploration in this perimeter can be done by foot- as long as the weather permits. But as Norwegians say, "there is no bad weather, just bad clothing". Visitors, you have been warned!

We will decide about our personal projects soon, and write a post as soon as we reached a decision. Meanwhile, we have been asked to jump on board of the OnBoard project (...), and our main task will be to organise game nights in Oslo to test the game.

While we're here, we will keep this blog updated, as well as the EVS at CISV Norge facebook page, follow both to see what we get up to during the year.
We also both really enjoy hearing from anyone around the world, so feel free to hit us up with an email: laetitia.poulet@no.cisv.org and emi.bels@no.cisv.org.

CISV-ly yours,
Laëtitia and Emi

PS: Important detail. The office is an (optionally) shoe-free environment, and we're loving it!