A (very respectable) night out in Oslo

Last night was our Welcome Dinner ... We've been here for over a month, but if you take Mexican time, it was actually right on time. Which is probably why Andreas took us to a Mexican place?
Some board members and our mentors Andi and Diana (EVSers from 2012/2013 and 2013/2014) came along. The mentors will be the people we can talk to if we have any troubles at work, in our daily life or just if we want to go out and have a coffee.

The goal of this evening was to allow us all to get to know each other better in an informal environment... which we did!


As expected, the food was delicious, spicy, flavoursome (too much coriander for Laëtitia, who found out it is a genetic thing - seriously, read this). We got to hear about Andi and Diana's anecdotes from their EVS experience, Andreas and Jonas' shenanigans in Colombia. We chatted for a while, enjoying one course after the other, until, very full, we decided it was time to get a move on!

We headed to the Kulturhuset (house of culture) for a game of shuffleboard - a kind of curling that you play on a board.


It was Team Blue (Laëtitia and Tor Gunnar) against Team Red (Andreas and Emi). After a few tame rounds where we learned how to handle the pucks, the game became a bit more competitive. In a very CISV fashion, Team Red won the first game and Team Blue the second one...


It was a very relaxed and enjoyable evening, and now we know where to take our visitors if they want a chill night out in Oslo (wink wink)!

We will be heading to Bergen very soon to run a mosaic project, so keep an eye on this blog or our Facebook page.

CISV-ly yours,
Laëtitia and Emi