CISV Norge

CISV er en religiøst og politisk uavhengig barne- og ungdomsorganisasjon som arbeider for fred ved å skape større forståelse mellom mennesker fra ulike kulturer og nasjoner.

EVS at CISV Norway

EVS at CISV Norway
Here you can find more info about the European Voluntary Service at CISV Norway.

18. November 2015

Høstmøte 2015

Last weekend, we took part in Høstmøte, a CISV national meeting where everyone could attend different sessions, either to learn more about CISV and its involvements, either for the National Board and Chapter Presidents to meet and discuss about the budget and delegations for 2016.
As EVSers, we were in charge of the logistics and to sell merchandise. We also enjoyed to work in a hotel where we were served amazing food, and you know what…? There was a sauna!
Who wants to join for the next Høstmøte? 😉

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4. November 2015

Train The Trainer – RTF in Prague

Being back in the office after the Regional Training Forum in Prague, here are my thoughts and impressions on being a TTT trainee.

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12. October 2015

Verden i Bergen – Mosaic

Last week, the beautiful city of Bergen hosted us. We were part of the project Verden i Bergen to work with kids from a refugee asylum reception center and run activities for them. It was a bit challenging but as any challenging experience, it was very rewarding.

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1. October 2015

A (very respectable) night out in Oslo

After a month in Norway, we finally got our WELCOMING DINNER where we got to know our mentors around a never-ending Mexican meal! As we say in French “Better late than never”. :)

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22. September 2015

Ankomstseminar in Balestrand

What does an EVS training in the fjord look like? Breathtaking landscapes, amazing food, cultural learning, rain, new friends and more food.

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11. September 2015

Showing off CISV

This Thursday, we welcomed 3 Czech students who won a prize for a Peace project and 3 other EVSers working in Oslo. We had the opportunity to introduce CISV to them, to play the Board Game and to visit the Nobel Peace Center (all this in a single day!) It was a lot of fun as meeting new people always is!

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overlappings group photo

1. September 2015


This weekend was CISV Norway’s Overlappingsseminar in Oslo where all the committee members met. Action plans and coffee were the key words of these 2 days.

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26. August 2015


First impressions, strict office clothing, and upcoming plans!

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Stavanger 04

22. May 2015

Stavanger (06-08. May)

Recently we moved our office for three days (06-08. May) to Stavanger to work on the CISV OnBoard project and consult a professional designer, who has also been involved in CISV for many years. We also had a chance to visit the most famous attractions of Stavanger and neighboring area.

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5. May 2015

Landsmøtet 2015 (25-26. April)

The weekend of 25-26th April we spent in Nord-Trøndelag at the CISV Norway’s annual meeting (Landsmøtet 2015). The whole weekend was filled with motions, discussions and elections of new members of several national committees and the Central Board of CISV. It was very valuable to see how the most important strategic decisions about the development of organisation are made.

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22. April 2015

National Junior Camp (27. March – 01. April)

We spent the days preceding Easter at National Junior Camp in Lønningstrand Leirsted, just outside Bergen. The NJC is a five day camp where youth from all around Norway aged between 15 and 19 can spend their Easter school break on having fun and learning.

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10. April 2015

Global Conference Staff Kick-Off (21.-22. March 2015)

From 20. to 22. March 2015 we took part in a Global Conference Staff Kick-Off. During that weekend all volunteers staffing the Conference, Norwegian Working Group and a representative from CISV International gathered together in Oslo to work, brainstorm, have fun and plan the upcoming months.

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LTS Øst-2

20. March 2015

LTS Øst (13.-15. March 2015)

In the weekend from 13. to 15. March 2015 we participated in LTS Øst (Nasjonalt Lederstrening Øst) in Bøleråsen Skole, Ski.

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20. February 2015

EVS Midterm Training (11.-13 February 2015)

In mid February we had our last EVS training here in Norway. The midterm training took place in Oslo, from 11th to 13th February 2015. For us it was an opportunity to meet fantastic and inspiring volunteers from all around Norway, and share with them our experiences, expectations, and plans.

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12. February 2015

STAS 2015 (06.-08. February 2015)

From 6. to 8. February 2015 we were at STAS (Stabstrening) which is a national training for all volunteers staffing CISV programs this spring or summer in Norway.

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6. February 2015

“CISV on Board” Seminar (30. January – 01. February)

The last weekend of January we gathered at Fredshuset (the Peace House) in Oslo for the first meeting of the OnBoard Project.

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29. January 2015

Application Camp (23.-25. January)

In the weekend from the 23. to the 25. of January we were in Hosle Skole, Bærum at the application camp of the Oslo&Akershus Chapter, together with more than 80 applicants for different programmes (Village, Step Up and Interchange) and roles (JCs, leaders), staff and kitchen staff.

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15. January 2015

Januarsmøtet 2015 (10.-11. January 2015)

For two days (10.-11. January 2015) CISV Norway’s Central Board and Committees took over the Peace House to work together and plan the upcoming year. There was a lot of hard work, discussions, creativity, planning, fun and coffee involved in the process.

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12. November 2014

“The Gifts Culture” Activity

We would like to share with you the activity we have created from scratch! “The Gifts Culture” is a fun and educational activity that looks closer at diversity in general and the culture of giving gifts as an example of showing differences between people and their backgrounds. The participants play roles and attend a party, during which they exchange gifts made by themselves. Afterwards they reflect on the reasons that make people different. Here you will find all the materials needed for planning the activity!

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5. November 2014

Rise in fall: EVSers at Høstmøte 2014 (24-26 October 2014)

In the weekend from the 24th to the 26th of October 2014 we were at Høstmøtet – CISV Norway’s Fall Meeting – which took place at Comfort Hotel Runway in Gardemoen. It was a weekend filled in with hard work, as we were responsible for coordinating the whole seminar and its logistics, but also with lots of fun! We had a chance to participate in educational workshops, CISV Olympic Games and be one of the firsts who have seen the “Sow a Seed” movie.

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20. October 2014

Verden i Bergen (6-10 October 2014)

Two weeks ago we visited beautiful and (always) rainy Bergen to help the Jirafa Project and other leaders with running a Mosaic project – Verden i Bergen. The idea of the project is to create a friendship and better understanding of what diversity is amongst the children and youth with different cultural backgrounds. During five days of autumn holidays we organized for the participants – children from local community and Asylium Reception Centre in Arna (Arna Asylmottak) – lots of fun and educational activities.

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16. October 2014

Peace One Day (21. September 2014)

On the 21st of September we celebrated Peace One Day (UN’s International Day of Peace) all over the world. Together with the Jirafa Project we were responsible for planning and organizing a CISV event in support of POD. Our goal was both, to increase awareness about Peace One Day and to promote CISV peace education. To reach more people we chose to have our stand in Birkelunden, at Kultur- og markedsdager Grunerløkka, where we asked passersby to stop for a second and show their support for the cause.

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30. September 2014

EVSers staffing at a CISV National Seminar

The weekend from the 19ᵗʰ to the 21ˢᵗ of September 2014 more than 70 people from all around Norway gathered together at Nettverk, Engasjement og Oppfølging (NEO) Seminar event in Oslo. Our role there as EVSers was to help the staff with running the seminar, from activity planning to kitchen duties. We were also asked to prepare an activity for Saturday evening and we decided to create one from scratch, keeping in mind that this year`s content area is diversity: we called it “The gifts culture”.

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1. September 2014

EVS On-Arrival Training (22-28 August 2014)

We have just came back from our EVS On-Arrival Training in Kirkevik, which is located on a peninsula just outside Oslo. This week was an occasion for us to meet other young Europeans who have decided to come to Norway for their EVS adventure. Our days were filled with educational activities, Norwegian language lessons, typiske norske turer and socializing.

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26. June 2014

The Cabin

With our EVS-service coming to an end we marked the occasion last weekend with a very typical Norwegian hyttetur. Thanks to Andreas we had great time hiking in a beautiful region and enjoying the coziness, ‘shape and size’ of his family cabin. The first day was dedicated to climbing Besseggen (one of the world’s best […]

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12. June 2014

Seminar on Intercultural and Global Citizenship Education – Hamburg

Since February I have been working on preparing the Seminar on Intercultural and Global Citizenship Education (funded by the EU Youth in Action fund), together with representatives from the involved organizations (AFS/EFIL, EEE-YFU, Experiment and CISV). We had a total of around 50 participants working on 4 topics that concern all 4 organizations: Advocacy & […]

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6. May 2014

Finnmark/Finnmárku – Land of the Sámi

Last weekend we finally got the chance to visit the northernmost part of Norway. Together with Bine and one more Oslo-based EVS-er we flew to Alta and from there drove all the way to the Nordkapp (the North Cape).   Beginning of May, the day lasts almost forever, and yet it’s still snowing – a […]

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8. April 2014

Landsmøte in Lillehammer

Last weekend we traveled to Lillehammer to attend the Annual Meeting of CISV Norway. On Friday morning we took the train from Oslo, arrived in sunny Lillehammer and spent the day preparing for the arrival of participants as well as visiting the local “Maihaugen” museum. Next to beautiful old buildings we were also treated to […]

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11. March 2014

Holmenkollen World Cup 2014

Last Saturday I got into the metro, well, actually I got into the “Holmenkollen Express”-Metro-Edition, surrounded by countless Norwegians (all having at least one form of flag on them, on their bags / clothes / faces / shoes…), and started my way up to the Holmenkollen-Stadium. During the train ride I was surprised to hear […]

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10. March 2014

Getting Ready For The Summer

Yes, I’ll be travelling with CISV Norway this summer – as a leader for a Step Up delegation!  Last weekend I attended the first training, LTS Vest. It was in Bergen, it was lots of fun, but also very exhausting since it was in Norwegian (and mostly western dialects, which is still almost like a […]

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24. February 2014

EVS Midterm Training

Last week we had our EVS midterm (and last) training, which took place in Oslo this time. We spent several days sharing our experiences so far, listening to both positive and negative stories, reflecting on our projects and whether our expectations were met or not. The best thing about the seminar was that we had […]

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17. February 2014

Birdwatching and German Art Nouveau

It so happened that me and Bine spent last weekend on this tiny island (Runde) off the west coast, having another Norwegian adventure. Our initial plan was to spend a couple of days in Ålesund, but we got a tip about this place, popular among bird-watchers, so we thought why not. Especially when we found […]

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photo (2)

24. January 2014

Promoting CISV in Tønsberg

On Wednesday we took a train to Tønsberg – a small city south of Oslo – to promote CISV and look for possible Leaders for Villages in the summer. We had some interesting talks with students and teachers at the local Høyskole and gave out a lot of promotional material of CISV. Now we’ll have […]

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Busy CISV-Norge Board

14. January 2014


We spent the last weekend in the fredshuset helping with the Januarsmøte of CISV Norway. All national committees met and planned the upcoming CISV year. Next to drinking about 25 liters of coffee, the 30 participants worked a lot and had a lot of fun at the social activity on Saturday night. On Sunday I […]

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12. December 2013

Meeting Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Yesterday was a busy day in the peace house! We had the Nobel Peace Prize Winners coming in and were able to ask them questions about their job at OPCW and listen to them telling about their “normal” workdays. It was a great honour to be able to meet them and talk with them in […]

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the fakkeltog at Karl Johan

11. December 2013

Fakkeltog for Nobels Fredspris 2013

Yesterday Diana and me participated in the “Fakkeltog for Nobels Fredspris” – we helped to give out the torches to the participants, answered questions about the Nobel Peace Prize Winners and had a great time participating in this beautiful event. There were about 400 people participating in the walk from Oslo S (the main trainstation) […]

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my language-course and teacher

10. December 2013

Julebord from our language-school

Last Saturday Diana and me were invited to the “Julebord” / Christmas-Party of our language school. It took place in Rodeløkka, which offers people living in Oslo garden space. It was a great evening with lots of Norwegian songs, a Julequiz (in Norwegian – I had to guess most of the questions…) and very good […]

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photo 5

10. December 2013

Ikea Madness

Last week we had an office trip to Ikea. We met up in the morning and took the (free!) bus to Ikea to buy a fancy new Billy-bookshelf for our office. The most difficult part about this trip, was carrying the bookshelf back to our office from the busstation. We made it back safely and […]

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volunteers in the fredshuset

5. December 2013

International Volunteer Day! – 5th December

Today we celebrate the International Volunteer Day!  The day was established by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on 17 December 1985. Since then, governments, the UN system and civil society organizations have successfully joined volunteers around the world to celebrate the Day on 5 December. Young. Global. Active. On IVD 2013, we not only celebrate and […]

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2. December 2013

CISV Norway is looking for 2 new EVS volunteers for 2014/2015

CISV Norway is looking for 2 EVS volunteers to start in the Summer of 2014. Check out this website for all the information you need, e.g. what it means to be an EVSer, how to apply, who is doing your future  job now and who has done it before and watch our video to find […]

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29. November 2013

Getting started with our personal projects

One of our personal projects is a CISV cookbook – an online cookbook for CISV camps, workshops or other events. Right now we are in the process of collecting recipes and putting them in a useful format, this also includes having pictures of the various cooking steps needed. So yesterday Diana and me used our […]

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27. November 2013

Smells Like Christmas…Beer

  It’s still November but the Christmas mood is already taking over Oslo and the office (which, for some, is not necessarily such an awesome thing 😉 ).     Following what’s becoming a tradition at the Peace House, last evening another beer tasting was organized, this time – juleøl (Christmas beer). We tried ten […]

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26. November 2013

CISV Norway is looking for 2 EVS volunteers!

CISV Norway is looking for 2 EVS volunteers to start in the Summer of 2014. Just click on the links above! 

Check our website or our blog for all the information you need, e.g. what it means to be an EVSer, how to apply, who is doing your future  job now and who has done it before and watch our video to find out why you should apply.


If you are interested you can find the application form here or if you have any questions please contact norway (at) The application deadline is the 1st of February, 2014.


EVS at CISV Norway 2014-2015 from EVS CISV Norway on Vimeo.

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Lofoten end of the world

18. November 2013

Hunting The Aurora

Observing the Northern Lights (and maybe spotting some whales) was what we hoped for when we decided to travel beyond the Arctic Circle. Well, neither happened, but our trip was totally worth it! We arrived in Narvik around 3 pm (after sunset), welcomed by the snowy mountains and our fellow EVS-ers Alba and Piotr. They […]

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the big room in the fredshuset

8. November 2013

The Peace House // Fredshuset – Home of the CISV office in Oslo

Another thing we love about our job is the office location. CISV Norway shares work space in Fredshuset together with seven other peace organizations: Norwegian Peace Council (Norges Fredsråd) Nei til Atomvåpen Likestilling-, integrering, og mangfoldsnettverket (LIM) Peace Brigades International (PBI) The Norwegian Peace Association (Norges Fredslag) Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue (Nansen Fredssenter) […]

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TTT Gang

6. November 2013

Train the Trainers at the RTF (Regional Training Forum) in Slovenia

Last week I was lucky enough to go to the TTT at the RTF in Slovenia. The training was about improving training styles and about how to train in CISV in general. The official description of the TTT by CISV International: “The CISV TTT course is intended for anyone in CISV with a mandate for […]

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30. October 2013

Høstmøtet 2013

Another busy weekend, full of activities and workshops, is over. This year, we had 110 participants from all chapters of CISV Norway, including a trainer from the International Pool of Trainers (IPT) and CISV Colombia’s president. The highlight of Høstmøtet (or the Fall meeting) was probably the RSM session during which it was decided what […]

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14. October 2013

The Nobel Peace Prize

Last Friday the Nobel Peace Prize for 2013 was awarded to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Working at a peace education organization, located in Oslo, made the event for me and Bine even more exciting than usual. The Norwegian Peace Council organized brunch at the Peace House and members of various organizations […]

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11. October 2013

Verden i Bergen

Last Sunday Diana and me traveled to Bergen to help out at the Mosaic project called “Verden i Bergen”. The “Verden i” projects happen all over Norway, they bring kids (aged 7-15) together from local communities. Half of the participants are Norwegian, the other half are kids from asylum seekers centers in Norway. The project […]

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our "wall" of peace

23. September 2013

International Day of Peace – 21st September

On September 21st was the international day of peace and non-violence. Thanks to the pre-planning of our former EVSers, Andi and Tobi, we had the opportunity to organize a big event in Oslo. After meetings in the end of August, we decided to have an event in the city center of Oslo, Youngstorget, together with […]

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